Astronauts Zoom!

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Astronauts Zoom!

Written by Deborah Lee Rose

Read by JAXA Astronaut Koichi Wakata

Astronauts Zoom Book Cover

Astronauts Zoom! An Astronaut Alphabet

Written by: Deborah Lee Rose

From A to Z, “you are there” NASA photos capture real women and men astronauts on the International Space Station doing all kinds of work―and having fun! Diverse astronauts from around the world include NASA’S first all-woman spacewalk team and the first African American astronaut on a 6-month mission to the space station. With STEM-rich text and action words, ASTRONAUTS ZOOM! gives kids a space-eye view from the time astronauts awake till they’re zipped in for the night. Kids will also discover how astronauts practice on Earth, getting dressed in spacesuits and “spacewalking” in NASA’s training pool. Lots of hands-on STEAM ideas are included―like exploring science and engineering activities, making videos “from space,” even throwing a space pizza party! 20 YEARS OF ASTRONAUTS ON THE SPACE STATION!