Notable Notebooks  Scientists and Their Writings

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Notable Notebooks

Scientists and Their Writings

Written by: Jessica Fries-Gaither| Read by: Joseph Acaba
Run Time: 10:53

Notable Notebooks

Scientists and their Writings

by Jessica Fries-Gaither

Take a trip through time to discover the value of a special place to jot your thoughts, whether you’re a famous scientist or a student. Notable Notebooks: Scientists and Their Writings brings to life the many ways in which everyone from Galileo to Jane Goodall has used a science notebook, including to sketch their observations, imagine experiments, record data, or just write down their thoughts. You also get four steps to starting your own notebook, plus mini-bios of the diverse featured scientists. Written in captivating rhyme, the text is sprinkled with lively illustrations. In fact, it looks a lot like the science notebook you’ll be eager to start after reading this inspiring book.