I, Humanity

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I, Humanity

Written by: Jeffrey Bennett| Read by: Col. R. Shane Kimbrough
Run Time: 11:16 Minutes

This book (in print or e-book format) features;

  • Sidebars that explain the behind-the scenes science and are ideal for parent-child or teacher-student discussions.
  • Activities within some of the sidebars and at the end of the book.

Find more information go to: bigkidscience.com

300_I-HumanityI, Humanity

What is our place in the universe, and how do we know? Written in the first person from the viewpoint of a narrator who represents the human race throughout history, I, Humanity answers these question in a simple, clear, and visual way. No matter your age or where you live, you are sure to be inspired by the story of how we went from ancient conceptions of a small, flat Earth to the modern understanding that we live on one planet, orbiting one star, in a vast and amazing universe.