Totality! Kinesthetic Astronomy

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Totality!: An Eclipse Guide in Rhyme and Science

Kinesthetic Demonstration

by Jeffery Bennett

Read by Astronaut Stephen (Steve) Bowen

Totality!: An Eclipse Guide in Rhyme and Science

Written by: Jeffery Bennett

Totality! features a unique combination of rhyme and science that makes it suitable for a wide range of ages. The rhyme has been pedagogically constructed to serve as a mnemonic device for the underlying science explained with illustration and “Big Kid Box” sidebars. The book concludes with a glossary, suggested activities, and a one-page eclipse science summary — features that will add particular value for parents and teachers learning along with their students or kids.

Printed books come with two pairs of eclipse glasses (placed in an envelope inside the front cover), and instructions on their use, that will allow readers to view the eclipse safely.