Ticket to Space

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Ticket to Space

Written by Adrienne Romberger

Read by NASA Astronaut Frank Rubio


Ticket to Space book cover

Ticket to Space

Written by: Adrienne Romberger

This is an awesome way to connect young children directly to space and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education in a very real way. A child can follow along, holding the same book as it is read aloud by an astronaut from space. It makes the concept of space travel concrete, personal, and puts it right in a child’s hands.

Ticket to Space is written for ages 3-8 and based on U.S. human space travel history. It is an imaginative tale, taking a child from the first American in space right up to today. Through rhymes and talking rockets, Gus, the newest rocket in town, guides kids from launch to orbit. Along the way, however, Gus has some obstacles to overcome in order to achieve his own personal dreams and goals. It’s not easy for Gus, so get ready for a bumpy ride.

Author Adrienne Romberger is honored to have Ticket to Space launched into space and read from the International Space Station (ISS). It is her hope that this opportunity allows the story to reach more children and inspire them to follow their dreams.