LIVE Reading: Willow the Water Bear

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LIVE from the International Space Station:

Willow the Water Bear

Written by: Houston Kidd | Read by: Astronaut Shannon Walker

Watch the first Story Time From Space LIVE, yes LIVE reading from the International Space Station!!! Read along with astronaut Shannon Walker as we follow the extreme adventures of Willow the Water Bear. Afterwards we meet the author, chat with a scientist studying Tardigrades (coolest little creatures around), and chat with more astronauts as we take your questions during the live stream!

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Willow the Water Bear

About the Book

Over 9,000 lbs of pressure. Temperatures below -300 F. Zero oxygen. Survival is IMPOSSIBLE in environments such as this. Or is it? Follow along with Willow the Water Bear in her quest to find a real life superhero!

About the Author

Houston T. Kidd was born in South Hill, Virginia. A decorated United States Navy veteran, he served four years active duty and served in the reserves. Chasing a childhood dream, he went on to work in the film industry as a stand-in and stunt double for National Geographic and AMC Network productions before settling down on the outskirts of Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. He believes diversity and inclusion to be the spice of life and hopes that Willow the Water Bear will foster a love for science and inspire.