ISS_ThumbMax Goes to the Space Station

by Jeffrey Bennett

Max Goes to the Space Station is the long-awaited prequel to Max Science Adventure books that began with Max Goes to the Moon. That first book opened with a parade celebrating Max’s heroics on the Space Station. Now, in Max Goes to the Space Station, you’ll learn just how Max saved the day.

Like all the books from author Jeffrey Bennett, Max Goes to the Space Station is designed to work simultaneously on three different levels:

  • Education comes in the scientifically accurate content.
  • Perspective comes in the way the book helps children (and parents) learn to see themselves and our planet in a new light.
  • Inspiration comes in encouraging children to dream of how they can help make the world a better place, and perhaps travel to space themselves someday.

It’s no wonder that all the prior books in the series have won multiple awards, are recommended Grades K-8 by the National Science Teachers Association.


WINNER— Golden Duck Award 2015
SELECTION — Story Time From Space, launched to International Space Station in 2014
National Science Teachers Association Recommends List, Grades K-8