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Our Mission

  • Story Time From Space, with support from CASIS, will send children’s books & demonstrations to the International Space Station.
  •  While in space, astronauts will videotape themselves reading books to the children of Earth.
  • The videos will be edited and placed in the Story Time From Space library. The library will be housed on the Story Time From Space website. 
  • Astronauts on the ISS will also conduct and videotape educational demonstrations to complement the science concepts in the Story Time From Space books.
  • To make Story Time from Space even more useful to educators, we will create cross-content curriculum to support the Next Generation Science Standards.
  • All of these materials, along with the videos from orbit, will be posted on the Story Time From Space website, providing easy access for educators, families, libraries, science centers, scouts and others.[/full_width_color]