300_WizardThe Wizard Who Saved the World

by Jeffrey Bennett

Diego is a young boy who daydreams of being a wizard with magical powers. During about the first half of the book, he imagines using these powers to make the world a better place, and in particular to fight global warming. But when he snaps out of his daydreaming and remembers that he can’t really do magic, he wonders whether there is anything he can do in real life to help save the world. The rest of the book shows him considering many potential careers, and becoming greatly inspired as he realizes that he can make a difference. As the book draws to a close, he walks past a mirror — and in the reflection, he sees that he has become a wizard after all. Also available in Spanish.

WINNER — Young Voices Foundation Gold Medal
WINNER — Nautilus Book Awards Silver Medal
WINNER — Mom’s Choice Award
National Science Teachers Association Recommends List, Grades K-8