Science Time From Space Demonstrations

Nine science demonstrations will cover multiple grade levels. For younger students the results  will be presented by highlighting observed similarities and differences between behaviour in the free-fall environment and that in the 1-gravity environment.

For older students the results can be presented in the form of the data collected to allow these students to perform quantitative analysis comparing the free-fall results to 1-gravity results. This will demonstrate and highlight that the basic science principles are the same in either environment, but that the free-fall environment produces effects that are secondary in a 1-gravity experiment.

The demonstrations or portions of them can be used to complement many of the concepts introduced in the books, with each demonstration addressing concepts highlighted in several of the books. We will complement the Science Time From Space experiments with science demonstrations that have already been done in orbit.

The science concepts that will be demonstrated are drawn from concepts that are already included in required curriculum and the experiments have been designed at a level consistent with the curriculum. The sequence of experiments are linked to build on the basic themes to reinforce the science principles. The hardware s designed to be simple, yet to demonstrate clearly and correctly the science principles.